Get started

For beginners

If you want to get acquainted with sailing, we invite you to a course, to a sailing school trainings or a private sailing session where experienced instructors teach the basics of sailing and you will gain confidence in boat management. The training is very practical and already on the first day, you can experience sailing under the guidance of an instructor.

The training is divided into several levels. We start by learning the simplest sailing basics and move step by step towards practicing more complex maneuvers to finally achieve enough proficiency for independent sailing.

All our training programs have a simple structure. They take place in small groups of 1-6 people. We have experienced instructors and comfortable and stable training boats that make sailing learning easy and affordable for people of all ages.

For an experienced sailor

If you are already an experienced sailor, then we kindly ask you to contact us and come and show us your skills, then we know which boats to recommend to you. We will also introduce you to the club's rules and boat rental conditions, and from there on you can start sailing with us as often as you want and at the level you want.

Later, it is your own choice whether you want to sail from time to time in the Gulf of Tallinn by yourself or join our competition series both at home and abroad. Pirita Svertpaadiklubi (Dinghy Club) has club regattas, and we also take part in the world championship and other competitions abroad. We always organize the charter boats and transportation ourselves. All you have to do is to jump to a plane and join everyone in the competition location, it's that simple!

Through us, you can also find your training companions and information on when and where club competitions and training take place.

In 2021 season we rent the following dinghies: RS Tera, RS Zest, RS Quest. For more information write us or call +372 5064852.
RS Sailors