Why choose RS boats?

RS Sailing was born from a passion to use the latest design and technology to create inspiring boats. Evolving from their heritage in flat-out racing classes, the RS Sailing range has grown to include boats for beginners, families, clubs and schools, developed using that same desire to move the game forward.

RS Sailing is proud that their designs have built some of the most vibrant class communities, been chosen by leading organisations globally and that from their humble beginnings they’ve become the world’s largest small-sailboat manufacturer. Hope you will love RS as much as we do!

RS Sailing – high-quality brand

The idea behind RS was born when a small group of sailors sat on a Cornish sea-wall and discussed the opportunity to move the game forward. It was driven forward by their passion to use the latest in design and technology to make higher performance more viable for most of them – to inspire more sailors.

They just hoped that if they developed boats that they would love to sail, then people like them would love them too. And that if they built exciting events and made a load of RS sailing friends then the other RS sailors would make new friends too.
Their vision goes beyond making and offering great boats - they want to develop boat classes that would inspire a new generation of sailors.

Wide selection of boats

The selection of RS boats is very diverse, divided into recreational sailboats and high-level competition boats according to the two main areas of use. This distribution is due to the choice of materials for the sailboats and the differences in the manufacturing processes, also given the intended use of the boat. Some boats fit well into both categories: the RS Tera and the RS Feva, for example, were originally designed as pleasure boats, but after gaining World Sailing recognition, they are aiming for popular competition classes for children and young people. Many competition boats, for instance, RS Aero, RS200, RS 21 are also used as club and cruise boats.
Price list

RS boats dealership network

The presence of a local dealer provides the customer with quick help and a support network even after purchasing the boat. If you need spare parts or want to upgrade a part, you can get a quick solution to the problem through an on-site representative. We try to ensure that we have enough stock in our warehouse to keep you afloat successfully all summer long!

The RS development process

It all begins with their close involvement in sailing, seeing an opportunity for evolution and creating the design brief to fulfil that opportunity. They assemble a development team that includes a designer, hull manufacturer, sail and spar manufacturers – all selected for their world-class experience within the relevant sector – always led by their own expert RS team.

Gone are the days of cottage industry. Significant investment has enabled RS to stay at the top of our game. State of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology allows rapid protoyping, extensive 3D printed components and the ability to manage complex projects in-house. Their widespread experience leads to innovative solutions that challenge the norms, improve function and manufacturing efficiency – in areas as diverse as entry-level user friendliness and ultra-light high performance structures.

By out-sourcing production we are not limited by our own resources. They can select the best materials, manufacturing systems and leading suppliers relevant to each different model and market sector.

Design development is followed by prototyping, testing, input from key customers and refinement. Once the specification has been signed-off, the manufacture of production tooling begins. First built boats are tested, checked and quality control procedures are implemented before production manufacture finally begins.

RS sailboats have won multiple design awards internationally. Their own RS team has unmatched expertise and devotion. Their success wouldn’t have been possible without irreplaceable input from some the sailing industry’s most enthusiastic brains. Feedback from great sailors has contributed significantly. 

RS class associations & events

Underpinning the RS range are the infamous RS events. They’re organized by independent Class Associations and have characterized RS from the outset. The ethos is for fantastic racing on the water matched by a seriously good time ashore. We still talk about some huge events and legendary parties and, only slightly worryingly, every year there will be more.

Champions and inexperienced sailors rub shoulders socially, share tips and encouragement. The same atmosphere is there in youth and adult RS fleets. Stars of the future have grown up in RS classes – hardened Olympic level competitors enter for an injection of racing enjoyment.

We can’t say exactly how the RS atmosphere was created, but it holds a strong place in RS history and continues to be one of the reasons RS sailing is loved by so many.

Each race-boat has a Class Association organising racing and training, maintaining the Rules and a website with info, news and forums.

RS Sailors